We specialize in navigating through the complex development and construction processes to bring certainty to the successful completion of your project.

We work with you in collaboration becoming an extension of your team.


Development Management

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Development Management Services

We help owners get their projects off the ground, and monitor and control the process; from acquisition and feasibility studies through to construction, and handover.

Our team works closely with our clients to understand their goals and develop a well-defined project plan. Our priority is to ensure our clients can trust and depend on us to effectively manage their projects and are in control of the process at every step.

Our trusted team of professionals are prepared for any project that comes our way.


Planning and Approvals

Financial Proforma, Budget, Entitlements, Stakeholder Engagement, Master Scheduling, Construction Financing

We make sure the development plan makes sense to optimize development value and profitability to get a robust return on investment.

Development projects are complex. Our management team has a deep understanding of the process and will strategically navigate the various phases while keeping the owners in control. We start by developing a tailored project plan, and follow that up by procuring the necessary design team consultants and other experts. We then lead the design process, including the management of external stakeholders, and community engagement.

We take pride in our projects and approach our work with an owner’s mindset to guarantee our clients extract the most potential from their investment.

Sales and Marketing

Market Analysis, Product Development, Branding, Features and Finishes, Sales Monitoring and Control, Upgrade Program

Occupancy and Completion

Customer Care, Purchaser Communications, Pre-Delivery Inspections, Condo Registration, Turnover Property Management

Construction Management

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Construction Management Services

Construction management has been forced to expand beyond typical day to day schedule and milestone tracking. With budgets being squeezed, all members of the team are expected to bring exceptional knowledge and experience to the table.

Our skilled team can plan, schedule, and control each project from conception to completion, utilizing best practices, tools and techniques, and operational processes.

Once construction is complete, we continue to support the management and operations required to maintain a building’s integrity.

We are passionate and proud of what we do. We have delivered projects from low-rise to high-rise residential and commercial. Our construction team is ready to get to work.


Design Input, Constructability Review, Estimating, Procurement, Scheduling.

Our team offers valuable experience and knowledge to provide the foundation for successful project delivery.


Administer Trade Contracts, Monitor Schedule, Budget and Quality, Manage Construction

An effective construction management process comes with the implementation of a well-developed pre-construction process, where technology bridges the gap between design and construction. We work in collaboration in order to monitor progress, anticipate issues, and keep the project on track.

With years of experience building everything from commercial to residential and having faced a variety of obstacles from small site quarters to Northern Ontario winters, we are up for any challenge and can get the job done. Owners can rest assured that our knowledgeable team will take care of everything including quality assurance and quality control, safety, testing and commissioning, and so much more. Owners stay in control of their project with our rigorous documentation, reporting and communication protocols.

Cope Group is there every step of the way, leading construction to successful completion.


Deficiencies, Handover, Warranty

We understand that even when a building is complete there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Our diligence and organization is an asset to the post-construction phase. We effectively prepare for close-out of completed projects by providing training on all building systems and ensuring a smooth handover. We prioritize the importance of finishing deficiencies, completing warranties, and fulfilling all Tarion obligations.

Achieving full occupancy is a primary goal of many owners, and Cope Group knows how to allocate appropriate resources as needed to efficiently achieve that goal.